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If You Want to Recycle Our Born 3 Eggs Styrofoam
Cartons, We Have Some Good News!

Styrofoam egg cartons are now included in a province-wide recycling program managed by Recycle BC. Although this material is not accepted in most curbside recycling programs, it is accepted free of charge at a number of recycling depots in communities across the province.

Statistics show that the average North American family of four uses 40 egg cartons per year... that's less than 1kg of polystyrene foam per family per year! Of course, you don't have to store them all year... visit your local Recycle BC Depot anytime and they will see to it that the box and the cartons are recycled.

Recycle BC has a network of depots across BC, for a complete list of locations or to find the Recycling Depot nearest to you, please click here. Styrofoam (polystyrene) accepted at the depots must be sorted into colored and white foam in order to be accepted for recycling.

100% Recyclable. Made with 95% Air. Recycled Economically.

Born 3 products are a source of Omega 3 and Vitamin E

Born 3 Eggs Born 3 NEW Vitamin D
Born 3 brown Canadian Harvest Eggs

The Born 3 Eggs are the result of extensive research partially funded by the National Research Council of Canada and the Science Council of B.C. aimed at modifying the fat in the egg yolk.

Through an advanced formulation which removes all of the beef tallow (fat) and meat by-products, we have been able to develop an all vegetarian chicken feed. This premium vegetarian diet, contains a unique combination of ingredients such as flax seed, wheat, corn and soybean meal which together modify the fat in the yolk of the Born 3 egg. Read more...

We at Born 3 Marketing Corp. have developed this new product that is sold along side the Born 3 Egg because it has come to our attention that some of you prefer Brown Eggs. This therefore is the story behind the development of the Canadian Harvest Brown Egg.

The Canadian Harvest Brown Egg is the result of research into the feed that the chickens eat. Our research has shown that people are concerned about what goes into the food that they eat. Buying a cheap product does not necessarily mean that they are getting a good product. Read more...

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